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Pvp/BH Clan

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 Important Announcement

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PostSubject: Important Announcement   Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:48 pm

This is a copy of a message posted on our RSOF thread on Monday, March 7, 2011.

Dear 10hpers and Friends,

It has been about 15 moths since the Clan of Ten was founded. We've had some great and epic times over that span, and we've hit some rough patches as well. Somehow, we're still going. It certainly wasn't my doing. For the past several months I've either been busy with college work or focusing on my main account. This clan really owes its existence to its dedicated members that continued to chat and trade ideas on a daily basis, even when our numbers are slim.

Very soon a change will be taking place. The clan chat's list is currently at 124/200 members. It would be a lot fuller if I hadn't been cleaning it out continuously over the past year and a half. Even so, a large portion of the clan is either inactive or no longer a 10hp pure. That's just how 10hp pures are. They seem like a lot of fun at first, and then people tend to give up on them.

So we're cleaning house. Most people will be deleted or deranked. It's nothing personal. It's not directed at any one individual. It's just something that needs to take place. Things need tidied up.

All of the Generals will still be there. There may be a few more added. A few long-time members will retain a rank of one sort or another. If you do not keep your rank, I hope that you will continue to participate in our clan activities. Prove that you deserve to get a rank back. But remember that ranks are not the reason to join a clan. The reason is to have fun and make friends.

Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I wish to inform everyone that N0 Qu3sti0ns has agreed to assume the role of a clan leader. He will have every bit of authority as W O W 10hp or Runningamuck ever had. He has been very active in the clan and we hope that he will be a positive influence on the clan. He's a great guy, a long-time member, and a pretty epic 10hp pure. I hope you will all give him your respect. Thanks, and take care.

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PostSubject: Re: Important Announcement   Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:05 pm

Nice to see the post. I agree wtih you decisions and love how big the clan has become we've had scroll bar or near to for multiple days in a row now!
Please stop by some time as the new clan updates have left many things undecided though I believe xs1n has made a start on the clan website through Runescape though it still has a while to go.

Haven't seen you on in a while though I haven't been playing on Plus recently as I've created a Prayer Pure so I haven't been able to PM you.

Hope to so you soon,
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Important Announcement
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